Join us at East Bay!

Preschool Programs
Ages 1.5 to 5

One of the objectives of our classes is FUN! We offer classes for ages 1.5 to 5. These classes are centered around age appropriate developmental movements, emphasis on group involvement and learning that challenges are fun!

Basic Skills Programs
Ages 5 & Up

Funtastic fundamentals! Continuing a fun approach of our preschool classes but in a more structured & skill oriented manner appropriate for our older students. In these classes, basic skills are mastered and put together to form good solid safe skills that the kids can build upon for years.

Competitive Teams
Ages 5 & Up

Competitive teams are for athletes who wish to compete against other gyms in a formal competitive environment. Our team practices are progressive, with summer camp and the first 2 months being geared toward skill and routine development. Kids compete from November thru May. The Spring is for learning new skills for the next season.