FUN Is Far More Than Meets The Eye! 

One of the objectives of our classes is FUN! Of course, this is cool with the kids but parents sometimes fail to realize the importance of fun in a learning setting. People often feel that when fun is present, learning is not. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Why is fun so important? Well adjusted learners form an early and lifelong subconscious association defining any attempt to learn something new challenge = risk = learning = fun!

The physical mental skills developed in our classes are vitally important to all aspects of a growing child’s’ life, they will use what they learn at our gym for the rest of their lives. OK, now that you know a little more about the goals and substance of our program we have a favor to ask you…just don’t tell the kids they think gymnastics is just PURE FUN!


Which Class Is Best For Your Child?

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Parent Tot

(1.5 to 3 years old)

A playful, parent/tot class centered around age appropriate developmental movements. Has a strong emphasis on socialization skills and group involvement.   Parents should be ready to get physical and involved in the class!  Please dress to work out!   

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Teeny Tumblers

(3 – 4 years old)

No parents needed here!  There are mountains to climb, canyons to jump, vines to swing and tramps to jump on.  More physically challenging skills give kids stronger bodies and sharper minds as well as a clearer understanding of their bodies’ capabilities and limitations.  Teaches kids a challenge is FUN. Classes may be mixed boys and girls based on enrollment.

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Kinder Kids

(4 – 5 years old)

This age group is really beginning to step out and MOVE and it is essential that their physical challenges be monitored for safety yet their attempts must be rewarded. This way the ‘perceived risks’ are seen as exciting challenges and the ‘failed attempts’ are seen for what they are – an OK, normal piece of the learning puzzle. Kinder Kids are able to handle a class that is more skill-oriented so, as the year moves along we challenge the kids with progressively more ‘beginner skills’ and less ‘general movement’. This way we prepare the child, physically and mentally, for our skill development classes. Still FUN? ABSOLUTELY…just watch them!