Preschool Programs

Ages 1.5 to 5

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One of the objectives of our classes is FUN! We offer classes for ages 1.5 to 5. These classes are centered around age appropriate developmental movements, emphasis on group involvement and learning that challenges are fun!

  • Parent Tot (1.5 to 3 years old)

  • Teeny Tumblers (3-4 years old)

  • Kinder Kids (4-5 years old)


Basic Skills Programs

Ages 5 & Up

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Funtastic fundamentals! Our school-age classes continue the fun approach of our preschool classes but in a more structured & skill oriented manner appropriate for our older students. In these classes, basic skills are broken down into their component parts, these individual parts are mastered and then we put it all together to form good solid safe skills that the kids can build upon for years.

  • Basic Skills - Level 1 (5yrs & up)

  • Basic Skills - Level 1.5 (5yrs & up)

  • Basic Skills - Level 2 (6yrs & up)

  • Basic Skills - Level 2.5 (6yrs & up)

Recreational ‘Just For Fun’ Teams

Ages 5 & Up

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Our Recreational teams are a great place for kids to learn the ins and outs of competitive gymnastics in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!  We teach routines & 'the rules of the game' and host 'Just for Fun' in-house meets monthly to give them a taste of what a meet is like.

  • ‘Just For Fun’ Bronze Girls Team

  • ‘Just For Fun’ Silver Girls Team

  • ‘Just For Fun’ Boys Recreational Team