School-Age Basic Skill & Routine Development

Funtastic Fundamentals!

Our school-age classes continue the fun approach of our preschool classes but in a more structured & skill oriented manner appropriate for our older students. In these classes, basic skills are broken down into their component parts, these individual parts are mastered and then we put it all together to form good solid safe skills that the kids can build upon for years. We strongly believe in the part-whole method of training. It takes a little longer, but the results are well worth it.

Our classes are progressive, with the first 2 sessions geared toward skill development. During the last 3 sessions, we continue skill development but also put these skills together into basic combinations & short routines that the children show off at our annual Spring Show where they receive a trophy and certificate for all of their hard work! We strongly recommend that the children attend the full school year to receive the full benefits of the program.


Which Class Is Best For Your Child?

Basic Skills - Level 1 (5 yrs & up) 
Our beginner classes introduce USAG Level 1 skills. These skills are the foundation and backbone of the sport of gymnastics. These classes are designed to give students a solid foundation in the sport of gymnastics in a fun and relaxed environment. No experience is required.

Basic Skills - Level 1.5 (5 yrs & up) 
Our advanced beginner classes continue USAG Level 1 skills. These skills are the foundation and backbone of the sport of gymnastics. This class is for experienced students who have already participated in a Level 1 class but are not quite ready to go to Level 2.  We concentrate on the skills they need rather than 'starting over' in a Level 1 class.

Basic Skills - Level 2 (6 yrs & up)
Level 2 classes are for experienced students who have mastered all of their Level 1 skills.  More emphasis is placed on quality of performance, combinations, physical strength and flexibility.

Basic Skills - Level 2.5 (6 yrs & up)
Level 2.5 classes are for returning Level 2 students who are finishing up their Level 2 skills & mastering the routines.  
These students are welcome to compete in our 'Just for Fun' Meets with our Rec Teams!  

Students will be expected to have mastered all of the Level 1 & 2 skills before moving on to the Recreational,  Xcel or Junior Olympic programs.

Once students have mastered all of their basic skills they can choose
which track they wish to pursue, Recreational, Xcel or Junior Olympic.

Recreational 'Just for Fun' Teams
 are a great introduction into the exciting world of competitive gymnastics. These are no pressure, fun teams where participation and learning are emphasized. All meets are voluntary and in-house.

     USAG Xcel Teams are for athletes who wish to compete against other gyms in a more formal competitive environment.  The atmosphere is still relaxed & fun but with the goal of making it to the State & Regional Championships.  USAG currently only offers Xcel for girls.  Boys who wish to compete must go through the Recreational or Jr. Olympic program.

    USAG Junior Olympic Teams are by invitational only, and are for the most motivated and dedicated athletes 
who wish to reach the highest levels in the sport of gymnastics.

Please visit our team pages to see more on each program.