2018 Spring Shows
May 19th & 20th


Every year, we like to finish our school year with a small celebration of all of our student’s hard work, and highlight some of their many accomplishments. This is a great way for our kids to see all levels of gymnastics and to show off all of their hard work. The show is very well organized and very relaxed. There are NO required uniforms or costumes, the kids just wear what they usually wear to class. At the end of the show each child gets a trophy and certificate. It’s a lot fun for everyone and should not be missed!



ALL STUDENTS PARTICIPATE!! There is no way we can fit all of our students in the gym at the same time so we split them up into seven shows. Families with 2 or more kids enrolled in the gym are put together in one show and each show lasts a little over an hour.
(Really - One Hour!!) 

PLEASE understand that we have very limited room for people to sit, so we only guarantee 2 tickets per family.
These tickets are included in your tuition and will be handed out the second week of May.
For safety reasons, students MUST be enrolled in May & June classes in order to participate in the show.

You may request which day you would like for the show - PLEASE do not ask for a specific time, we can only do so much!!  
If you would like to purchase extra tickets for the show, please request this as well when you pick your day.  
Extra tickets are $10, and we do our best to accommodate everyone.