Registration Information for Classes


Please remember that our classes are strictly limited in size, we will NOT overfill a class.

2018-19 School Year registration is now open to all students (new and returning); first come first served.

  ©Rhylissa Doxzen

©Rhylissa Doxzen


2018-19 School Year  Sept 15 - June 10
Current Students - Click Here
Registration is now open and is first come first served

Classes are billed monthly for 4 classes.  
First month's payment will be charged upon registration
to hold your spot.
Monthly fees are then charged to your credit card on file
on the second of each month.
If you are not doing the next month we ask that you inform us by the 25th of the previous month.
Example: no March - let us know by Feb 25

The 4 week month will not follow
the calendar month exactly.

September = Sept 5 - Oct 2
October = Oct 3 - Oct 30
November = Nov 1 - Dec 1
December = Dec 3 - Jan 12

January = Jan 14 - Feb 9
February = Feb 11 - Mar 9
March = March 11 - April 6
April = April 8 - May 11
May = May 13 - Jun 10

**Students enrolling after September will begin their 'month' as stated above and NOT on the first day of the calendar month.


What should my child wear?
For girls, a leotard. Boys wear a T-shirt & elastic waist shorts. No shoes. Bare feet or socks. If your child wears a watch or other jewelry, let them leave it with you before class. Long hair must be tied back.

Absences & Make-ups
It is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class. When an emergency occurs, please call our office and we will do our best to arrange a make-up in a like-kind class. Note: the number of make-ups we accept in any class is limited hence, make-ups are not guaranteed.  Students are limited to one make up per month (plus any snow day make up) and they must be made up within one month of their absence. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes. 

Signing your Children In & Out of Class
FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S SAFETY we do ask that ALL children be signed in & out by a parent or approved driver. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN THE WAITING ROOM. The safety of your children is of utmost importance to us.

Snow / Inclement Weather
 If you are not sure if there is a class,
please call the gym at 401-253-1267  before leaving.

Families registering 2 or more children get 10% off each child!

Refunds & Credits
There are NO refunds or credits for dropping a class mid-month.   ONCE A MONTH HAS BEGUN YOU ARE IN CLASS FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH regardless of attendance, except for medical situations validated by a written acknowledgment from a licensed medical practitioner.  You will be granted a credit prorated FROM THE DATE WE RECEIVE the written acknowledgment.  A retroactive request for medical credit can not be granted.  

If you need to withdraw from our program before the end of the school year, please let us know by the 25th of the previous month or you will be charged for the next month.

  ©Rhylissa Doxzen

©Rhylissa Doxzen

  ©Rhylissa Doxzen

©Rhylissa Doxzen