June Team Meeting Minutes

June Team Meeting Minutes

1) End of Year Team Party - June 20th   12-3pm          

Pot Luck - please see the list below for what to bring, Thanks
      **Please let us know right away if you cannot attend!! 

Xcel Silver - 12-24 pack of drinks
Level 4 Boys  - 12-24 pack of drinks
Level 3 Girls - salad or appetizer
Level 4 Girls - salad or appetizer
Level 6-8 Girls - main dish
Level 5-8 Boys - main dish
Xcel Gold - dessert

**Please bring any serving utensil you may need for your dish, Thanks!
East Bay will provide the tables, chairs and paper goods
There will be approx. 150-175 people
*Please put your name on any dishes &/or serving spoons, etc. so we can get them back to you

2) Summer Camp

If you have not yet signed up, please get your forms in ASAP!            
We have lots of planning to do & need to get organized.  Thanks
Also, if our full summer kids could give us a ball park schedule of the weeks they are away, that would also help with our lesson planning.

3) Uniforms

We had a sample of the the new JO optional leotard, it is very pretty!  It’s a go!
The Compulsory kids will get a simpler version with less bling (aka less $$)

The Xcel kids are going to keep the same black one, I will check & make sure we can still get it. 

The kids were looking for a new jacket online and we will be getting plain black capris for all levels.  One of the mom's said you can get them at Old Navy for about $10

The boys are going to keep the same shirt, shorts & pants but were looking at new warm-ups, we are going to try to get a few samples.

We are planning on ordering uniforms by the end of July so we can get them in (the special orders take up to 10 weeks)

4) 'Phone Tree'

With all the crazy weather we had this winter, everyone was in agreement that we needed a better way to get in touch with each other when traveling to & from meets.  We are going to set up a system, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but I do need to know if anyone wants to opt out first.  
Let me know.

5) Fundraisers

We had a very successful first fundraiser and everyone came up with a lot of great ideas at the meeting!  Karen is figuring out the profits form the first one & I will let everyone know as soon as she gets a chance to do it.  She got hit with that nasty stomach bug, and apologizes for being a little slow, no worries, I know we all appreciate all her hard work :)

We are also doing the Pizza Night at Federal Pizza in Warren June 16th 5-8pm  - we need helpers to host & seat people at the restaurant, please see Liz if interested

Here are some of the other ideas for fundraisers:

*corporate sponsor, for $100 we hang a sign in the gym, post it on our Facebook page and on our website
*wine tasting party
*painting party
*Foxwoods bus tickets
*'flocking' with flamingos
*helping at the gym's fun meets for the rec kids
*lottery calendar (for $ or gift cards/prizes)
*cartwheel-a-thon / flip-a-thon
*Orange Leaf restaurant in Bristol, same idea as pizza night
*Yard sale
*Car wash

If you have any other ideas let me know!

I think that's it, thank you for help and support!  
The 2015-2016 season has officially begun!